Charlotte’s Chalk Adventures – Georgia Family Filling Time with Chalk-Inspired Artwork

Suwanee resident Abbey Tucker and her daughters are involved in what has become known as #charlotteschalkadventures – chalk drawings on concrete by Tucker that tell stories and star her youngest daughter Charlotte posing in the photos. The art ranges from inspirational – young Charlotte in scrubs thanking healthcare workers – to fun shots like Charlotte diving into a swimming pool or riding a roller coaster. We promise this will make your day, so go on, take a look at our gallery below and put a smile on that pretty face!

Every day is a new adventure for the Tucker family in Suwanee, Georgia.

Aspen, the oldest sister of the four girls, started making her own artistic creations. “I just thought it would be something really fun we could do together since there is nothing else to do,” – said Aspen.

Then, mom, Abbey got inspired to help. 3-year-old Charlotte was happy to play along in the interactive chalk drawings they have been doing on the driveway.

“She has a fun personality being the youngest of the four,” – mom said. “And we have a lot of dress-up clothes, costumes, and hand-me-downs from all the girls too.”

“It’s really fun when you put the pictures on the computer and see how they all turned out,” she said.

“People were sharing them, more than I ever thought possible. It makes fun to keep going knowing that people look forward to it every day.”

But that was never the intention. That was simply finding ways to pass the days at home in a way that would create good memories and a closer bond.

“It brings them joy and makes them smile because you kind of get swept away for a minute,” –  Abbey said. “Charlotte is loving it because she has her sisters’ home and we are outside together every day.”

It’s teaching the girls about the simplicity of time together.

“We are definitely having more family time and it has caused us to slow down. I know all of us are better for it.”

It’s also teaching about the complexity of what is happening around us.

Stay safe. Stay sane. We care about you.

via [11alive]