Chocolate Cottage Available for Overnight Stay

Yes! It’s real! An incredible mouthwatering Chocolate Cottage completely made of chocolate including entire walls, roof, fireplace, clock, cups, dresser, books, chandelier and even duck pond and chocolate flower bed. Absolutely everything around you is made of chocolate and you can spend a night in it. It’s everybody’s childhood dream come true. A real-life Hansel and Gretel, yet without scary witches. You are even given sweet sweet delicious dinner and breakfast served in flower garden. Creator of this cottage is incredible chocolatier Jean-Luc Decluzeau. He made 18 square-meter fantasy located in L’Orangerie Ephémère in the gardens of the Cité de la Céramique in Sèvres, France. “I never thought I’d have the opportunity to build a life-size Chocolate Cottage for travelers to sleep in!” shares Jean-Luc Decluzeau. If you wish to book your overnight stay, then go straight over to as they are the ones offering you this chocolate dreamland since September 2018.

Entire Chocolate Cottage

You can spend entire day and night here

Roof, chandelier, desks, jars, books, clock – everything is made of chocolate

Created by chocolatier Jean-Luc Decluzeau

Now it looks clearer that chocolate is everywhere!

via [mymodernmet]