Christmas Hedgehog Who Can’t Stop Smiling

Smile, smile, smile, because today you will meet the happiest little ever-smiling hedgehog in the world! Rick is the name of this fierce razor-sharp speared tiny beast with the most adorable smile you’ll ever see. He lives in Ukraine and this is his first Christmas ever. He’s very excited! He’s been waiting his entire life for the Christmas spirit to come and it’s finally here. Snow has fallen upon our world and sparkling lights shine in many colors. Rick can only laugh out loud about everything that surrounds him. He can barely keep his mouth closed, stretching his lips from ear to ear. It seems like he knows something we don’t. The jolliest little boy was picked from the breeder this very year. He’s an African Pygmy hedgehog and a supermodel. Though, it wasn’t all smiles from the beginning. “He didn’t show us much joy. We used to think, ‘This hog hates us,’” shares Diana, Rick’s mommy/owner. “slowly he opened up and became the most cheerful little fellow who makes me smile even on the worst days.” It must be the Christmas spirit closing in that changed little Rickie, as well as the all-powerful love Diana has for him! Visit Rick’s Instagram right away for more sweet happiness.

Meet Rick, African Pygmy Hedgehog


Rick smiles all day long! 🙂

This is his first Christmas! And he LOVES it!

Don’t electrify yourself there champ


Though, Rick wasn’t so jolly from the beggining


Oh no, Diana, Rick’s owner said he wasn’t smilling at all at the first

We used to think, ‘This hog hates us.’

He was looking mean and wanted all tangerines for himself

Then, Rick felt a calling


He heard of something called a ‘Christmas spirit’, so he waited…

As the Christmas aproached near, Rick’s face started changing and a famous smile was born!

Now he shares his tangerines and lights up acoustic guitars in a Christmassy way


The feeling of love and happiness is like flying, says Rick. Learn from the hog.

via [boredpanda]