Beauty and the Beast – Rescued Circus Bear Adopted and Loved by Amazing Russian Lady

Russia and bears go so well together, it’s no wonder Russian lady Veronika Dichka and her favorite pet Archie the bear are so enchanting together. The special relationship between the two started when Veronica got to do photoshoots with Archie. But before all that, the bear was a circus animal who luckily got rescued thanks to Maza Kirsanova when he was a cub. Later, he lived in a safari park, but due to the pandemic, the shelter couldn’t withstand the crisis any longer and it had to close. That was the moment when the journey of Veronica and Archie began. She adopted Archie and ever since they are inseparable. They see each other every day and play together and cuddle together as you can see in the photos below. Now the two Novosibirsk-based best friends are becoming more and more popular with many followers on TikTok and Instagram who can’t wait to see more of the unexpected duo.

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Beauty and the Beast – Veronika and Archie

Photo credits: Veronika Dichka

Archie’s open mouth like that are so adorable!

They are so familiar with each other and trust each other


Like a family portrait

Let me read you your favorite story

That’s not my favorite story!


Veronica is a model, a professional dancer, and a passionate fishing enthusiast. It seems that she has taught Archie everything she knows.

But Archie has something to teach Veronica too.

Gone fishing



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