Clever Black Fine Line Compositions by Milan-Based Anna Neudecker

Anna Neudecker is Milan-based intriguing tattooer bringing in some of the freshest ideas we’ve seen in a while. Her specialty is a unique soft fine line black imagery. Her mind combines at least two completely different objects to finally merge them into a glorious surrealistic fine line art. Opposed to the traditional black work with bold and thick designs, Anna makes her work easily recognizable. Cleverly composed picturesque surrealism that shines with a strong message and memorable black ink art is a true definition of Anna’s work. Everything her hand touches turns into adorable, picturesque or profound ink masterpiece. As a simple example of her ingenious Franken-tattoos, you’ll see in the photos below. A girl with a rose for a head and thorns sticking out of her body, saying that women are gentle beautiful flowers but as every rose, they have their thorns to fight back. If you wish to see more of fantastic Anna Neudecker and her incredible work please check out her Instagram.

Surrealistic vision and ink work by Anna Neudecker

Milan-based Italian tattooer is known for her picturesque designs

Modern soft fine line black compsitions

Anna loves combining two different objects into one

Merging them together she sends a strong messages within compelling compositions

Incredible surrealistic imagery and impeccable technique

‘Russian female winter hat’


‘Unexpected friendship’