‘Cold Instinct’ by Matthijs Kuijpers – Stunning Reptiles and Amphibians

‘Cold Instinct’ is an Instagram profile and the first photo book created by Matthijs Kuijpers. 27 years it took to get such a vast collection of beautiful shots of the rarest and dangerous creatures on Earth. Dutch adventurer/photographer was able to publish ‘Cold Instinct’ with the help of his fans through a Kickstarter campaign. Kuijpers has over 1500 species photographed which is absolutely mind-blowing. The book itself contains more than 70 bizarre shots of snakes, frogs, and other reptiles and amphibians that are extremely rare and endangered and the quality of those photographs is of the highest order. As a child, Kuijpers was equally passionate as he left school to go to Madagascar to work with reptiles and amphibians. 27 years later he’s one of the greatest experts in that field of photography. As you might guess he encountered numerous dangerous animals and situations and he never backed down from fear. Today he’s an award-winning photographer with his work published on National Geographic, BBC wildlife magazine, Netflix, The Guardian, Time Magazine and Discovery Channel and more.
Artist’s Instagram, Kickstarter.

The first photo book by Dutch photographer Matthijs Kuijpers

As a child, Kuijpers left school to go to Madagascar to work with reptiles and amphibians

After 27 years of traveling and photographing he had become an expert in this field

Kuijpers has captured over 1500 species

The world-class quality photos of the rarest and the most dangerous reptiles and amphibians

Nightmares for days

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