Colorful 3D Embroidery Landscapes, Hand-Stitched by ‘Sew Beautiful’

Take a stroll down the peaceful lands of the vibrant colors and gentle Nature waiting for your embrace. Known as ‘Sew Beautiful’, an artist from the UK lives up to her name. Her extraordinary landscapes are inspired by the quaint countryside where she lives. Using the needle, thread, and wool, she’s capable to create masterpieces that pop out of frame. Her passion for art, nature, and flowers dates back to her very young age, as well as her tendency to experiment with new styles of art. “I grew up watching my mum create through embroidery and recently, I put both my love of colors and embroidery together. The love and support I receive from my following have given me the confidence and motivation to create new pieces,” the artist shared. Embroidery is an ancient art form, that has been experimented with to perfection, and ‘Sew Beautiful’ is the perfect example of today’s embroidery modern artist. Her talents have gained her more than 35k followers and you can join them via the links below.
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Photo credits: Sew Beautiful

Uk-based artist ‘Sew Beautiful’ uses wool to make her landscapes pop-out.


Artist uses just needle, thread, and wool to create these gorgeous embroidery masterpieces.

All of these are hand-stitched wall hangings – a marvelous decor!


Brilliant idea!

Her sense of design is outstanding!


Artist’s love for nature dates back to when she was young; living in the lovely countryside.

You can get your hand-stitched wall decor by Sew Beautiful on Etsy.

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