Human-Like Personalities within Birds in Colorful Portraits by Leila Jeffreys

A childhood from the movies; photographer Leila Jeffreys has grown up in Papua New Guinea, lived in a houseboat in Kashmir during the ongoing war, and later in the Indian village with buffaloes, mongoose, and monkeys nearby. Her father was from the Isle of Man, and he has taught Leila to rescue and properly nurse birds which inevitably led to her unique connection and understanding of wildlife. Today she’s living in Sidney and she uses her experience that no one else could share with her to capture the most intriguing portraits of budgerigars, cockatoos, doves, owls eagles, and other domestic and exotic birds. Far from traditional portraits, her photography captures human-like personalities within these well-cared birds. Before bringing them to her studio, Leila collaborates with various conservationists (studying the behavior, physiology, and conservation of birds and bird habitats), ornithologists (protecting and preserving the environment and wildlife.), and sanctuaries so that everything is done perfectly in the way that birds are under zero stress.

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“River and Cloudy”

Photo credits: Leila Jeffreys

“Rain and June”

“The Tweets”

“Bob, Long-Billed Corella”




“Skye Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo”

“Pepper, Southern Boobook”


“Trinity, Brown Goshawk”

“Cyril Moluccan Cockatoo”

“Superb Fruit Dove”

“Neville, Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo”

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