Flower Arrangements – Colorful Butterflies and Moths by Raku Inoue

‘Natura Insects’ are the series by Montreal-based fashion designer Raku Inoue where he creates delicate butterflies and moths from various leaves and blooms with strong and soft hues. Intriguing insects were born out of seasonal materials, where pastel petals and green leaves represent late summer time and brown leaves represent mid-fall. Raku Inoue also studied the art of Ikebana, the Japanese art of floral arrangement. Through this journey, he learned to respect nature and pick his materials based on how many he could find and use only the most abundant, no matter how good other rare flowers might look. He approaches these teachings very strictly. After the rain, he would go out and collect fallen petals as naturally provided materials. If you like what you see, you can follow his work on his Instagram and enjoy his future endeavors.

Flower arrangements by Raku Inoue


Series called ‘Natura Insects’

Artist uses only natural seasonal materials


Darker brown hues represent mid-fall period

While lighter greenish petals represent late summer

After studying Japanesse art of Ikebana – floral arrangement


He learned how to respect nature

He uses only materials from nature that are most abundant

Mostly using already fallen petals, taken down by the rain


via [thisiscolossal]