Domes of Color Adorn the Communal Living Village of Hormuz Island

This is a lovely story that unites people and eases the pain caused by political disputes that disrupt the life of its community in the country of Iran. Gorgeous ‘gumdrop’ residential domes of blue, green, yellow, and red adorn the Hormuz Island in the Persian Gulf with its multi-purposeful intent. Earthen structures designed by ZAV Architects include abodes with peaks and bulbs for the roof finish. The project is titled “Presence in Hormuz” and it used a special technique/process invented by famous Iranian architect Nader Khalili. The process is known as “SuperAdobe Bags” and it involves using long sandbags, barbed wire, on-site earth, and a few tools manipulated by the trained local craftsmen. “A carpet is woven with granular knots inspired by the particles that make up the ecotone of the island,” ZAV Architects shared in an interview for designboom. Most of the structures with a round-top have living services for communal dining, laundry, and prayer areas. Every new architectural project in Iran becomes a proposal for the government – suggesting a new political alternative for communal life and new social growth. A must-visit Instagram page of the ZAV Architects is for you to see the most unique page you’ll ever come across and actually learn about the firm’s projects and future plans.

Photo credits: ZAV Architects, photography: Tahmineh Monzavi

Location: Hormuz Island in the Persian Gulf, Iran.

Gorgeous peaks and bulbs adorn the colorful sand structures

Round abodes have living services for communal dining, laundry, and prayer areas.


The entire project is by ZAV Architects.

Such an effort is fully aimed at helping the struggling communities of Iran, as well as to attract tourists.

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