Colorful Textured Embroidery Thread Landscapes and Dynamic Skies by Vera Shimunia

Vera Shimunia is a fascinating embroidery artist from Saint Petersburg, Russia. She started her practice in 2015. Embroidery seems to be the perfect medium for Vera since it requires less patience than cross-stitch and she finds it much more exciting even than painting. Vera’s a self-taught artist and she looks at her needle as a brush. Her art pieces are palm-sized created out of a variety of textured threads. Beautiful landscapes of ravishing hues on embroidery hoops are cleverly made using thin, thick and three-dimensional fibers. Also using different stich and knot styles Vera is capable to make small details distinguishable from her unified color palette. Vera sells her embroideries on her Etsy store, and you can see her latest work on her Instagram page.

By Vera Shimunia

Saint Petersburg-based artist uses different stich and knot styles,

Also thin, thick, and three-dimensional fibers to distinguish small details

Vera started her embroidery  practice in 2015

Artist finds it more exciting than painting

Vera sells her embroideries on her Etsy store