Comedy Wildlife of 2021 is Still Open for Entries, Yet It’s Already Hysterical

We’ve skipped the comedy wildlife of 2020 (oops), but we’re back for the amazing 2021! If you need more of this lighthearted quality material make sure to check out our posts covering comedy wildlife in the previous years: 2017, 2018, 2019. This year’s competition is its seventh anniversary. Each year it was hard pickings between thousands of entries from photographers all around the globe. The last day for entering the hilarious and skillful tournament is June the 30th. So if you have something to show to the world you still have time, and possibly even win an award and worldwide recognition. It’s an ongoing battle of beauty, joy, and laughter, just like it should be when we’re talking about animals, because they always bring the best out of us, even on our worst day. Have fun ladies and gents and relax with these quite peculiar animal activities caught on camera. These just never stop being amusing!
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If he could only tell you the joke

ROFL by Giovanni Querzani

I actually thought this was an illustration! Hope the little guy won.

Bald Eagle Gets a Surprise by Arthur Trevino

It’s all good, they’re wearing masks.

Quarantine Life by Kevin Biskaborn

I love youuu

Sweetlips are for kissing by Philipp Stahr

“Theories suggest it is a way of showing fitness and strength to ward off predators and attract mates”

Yay – It’s Friday! by Lucy Beveridge

Dancing or fighting?

Missed! by Lea Scaddan

I believe I can…

Happy by Tom Svensson

“This is the end, my only friend…”

Houston – we’ve got a problem! by Txema Garcia Laseca
Monday Morning Mood by Andrew Mayes

Too many Jackie Chan movies for this guy

Yoga Bittern by KT Wong, via [designyoutrust]