Comfortable Waterproof Cast With No Itching Involved Invented by ‘Cast 21’

“Oh how it itches, it’s driving me crazy. I’m stinky too because I can’t wash my hand that’s wrapped in a plaster cast.” Not anymore. This nightmare ends and all discomfort with it with the new unique design that made casts breathable and waterproof. You can go swimming with no problem, and you can even scratch the itch through its holes. It’s light and comfortable. Created by a group of engineers, a team called Cast21, based in Chicago. a breathable, more hygienic, waterproof cast was invented by Jason Troutner, biomedical design engineer Ashley Moy, and electrical engineer Justin Brooks, all from the University of Illinois. Using liquid resin that hardens and brings bones back in place this cast can be set in less than 10 minutes. Removal is also much easier and it doesn’t include a circular saw. “Another bonus is that no electricity or water is needed to apply our cast, so it’s very portable. It has the potential for use in the military and for at-home first aid,” Cast21’s vice president of engineering, Veronica Hogg explained in an interview for Daily Mail.

More info: Cast21’s official website, Facebook, Instagram.


New waterproof design by engineering team ‘Cast 21’ from Chicago

You can still write on it! Huh


It can be any color and it looks quite cool

It takes just 10 minutes to be set


It’s easy to set and removal doesn’t include a circular saw

A breathable, more hygienic, waterproof cast that takes away all the itching nightmares and smelly discomforts of regular plaster casts


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