Quirky Short Comics by Young Female Scientist

Scientist and artist in one, Olivera is a beautiful soul who describes her art simply: “Kinda funny, mostly random.” Liv, as people like to call her, has a fascinating talent to create hilarious short comics easily relatable to many. Olivera is from Belgrade, Serbia, she studies physical chemistry which keeps her very busy leaving her with less time to focus on her illustrations. “Since I was a child I drew random things. Last year I decided to free those ideas from my head in a form of illustrations that I shared on the internet. I draw using my phone and my finger, on the bus, in a park, in my bed, anywhere and anytime the inspiration strikes.” Olivera finds her inspiration in everyday life situations and also in her own anxiety struggles. Olivera aims to share her art as she realizes life is similar for everybody, and everyone has their own struggles such are anxieties and depression. Follow this brilliant artist on Instagram and Twitter, and together we can overcome everything. “When we share, we grow, and I’m happy to share with you!”, Liv says.

Every single time!


How about… just don’t ask the heart

Sweet tooth


Just curious

Emo Spider – Kill it, don’t throw it out


Now you know

R.I.P. Bikini Body

He’s a snake…


Which thighs do you prefer?

Wi-Fi is just needed


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