Shots of Amazing Beauty – Conceptual and Lifestyle Portrait Photography

Street style photographers have rapidly evolved into an indispensable part of the scene, defining trends and icons, inspiring designers, and contributing to the democratization of fashion. The majority started out with little or no technical knowledge but had some relation to fashion or the arts and they soon elevated their amateurish activity into a job that gave them a fascinating life full of fame and beauty. Our star photographer, Paulo Ayres is also a self-taught wizard and a retoucher. Ayres specializes in portraiture and lifestyle photography. He snaps street style of different origins and attitudes and all of his gorgeous female portraits have some graceful movie-like vibe. Enthusiastic and easy-to-detect great style and add a new perspective to the already established role of the style photographer, Ayres is our hero of street style photography. Scroll through his Instagram Page for more of this mesmerizing beauty.

“Traveling and meeting people is very good, right? Knowing them even if it is very little and taking pictures becomes unforgettable and even better, they stay here, memories of the moments that we live.”


Neon lights. Neon Beauty.

Capturing some sweet moments.


“Turn lights down low.”

“There’s no decision, it’s just the look in her eyes.”

“You laugh at me for being different, and I laugh at you for being all the same.”


“Mi piaci così tanto.”

Some people have a role of transmitting good energy to the others.


Too much fun? Never.

Is it one of those nights where the stars and moon colide?

“Mi sento caldo, con i suoi colori e il suo profumo. Sono in Italia o in un sogno?!”


Take a deep breath right now. Life is beautiful.

Via [photogrist]