“Copenhill” – Biodiverse Multi-Purpose Entertaining Center and ‘Waste-to-Energy’ Power Plant

Copenhill, a great name for a great place in the charismatic city of Copenhagen. More than a year has passed since it was opened for excited adventurers to climb, ski, and watch the horizon from the highest viewpoint in the capital of Denmark. The main attraction for most is the snow-free hill for skiing and by looking at the photos you can only imagine the amazing feeling and rush it delivers. On the other hand, Copenhill is a fascinating multi-purpose complex, and the entertainment doesn’t stop there! Copenhill even holds the world record for the highest climbing wall – an astonishing 80 m (262 ft) high rocky structure that extends from the ground to the top. The complex was designed by the Danish architects – BIG – who have achieved an impressive biodiverse environment. But impressive doesn’t stop there either! Copenhill stands on top of the waste-to-energy power plant. The ongoing processes of energy reuse convert waste to heat for residential homes, while the flora absorbs the heat, acts as filters for the air, and help with water runoffs. Bravo BIG architects, Bravo!

More info: BIG, Copenhill.

“Copenhill” – Designed by Danish Architects ‘BIG’

Photo credits: Hufton + Crow

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Giant snow-free skiing hill surrounded by water – check!

The world record for the highest climbing wall – check!


Waste-to-energy power plant that keeps residential homes warm – check!

The biodiverse complex with the highest viewpoint in Copenhagen – check, check!

80 m (262 ft) high climbing wall

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