Get Scared with 7-Year-Old DeGraves and Her 60+ Iconic Horror Cosplays

7-year-old Coral DeGraves (adequate name) has been spooking the heck out of everyone around her since she was just 2. A toddler who wished to cosplay as the main villain from the “Child’s Play”, did just that with a help of her brilliant mom Cheyenne. 5 years later, 60 famous horror characters have lived through Coral, using makeup and special effects. Her mom needs just a couple of minutes if the designs are simple, but sometimes it takes her 20 hours as it did for the Pinhead (Hellraiser) costume. So how do people react to their art? There will always be negativity when it comes to horror art, especially when it includes women and children, but luckily the most of the feedback is extremely positive. When asked about the favorite part of their working process, proud mom said: “Our favorite part of costuming is seeing the finished piece put together for the first time with makeup and props. It’s the payoff of all of our hard work.”

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Welcome to the horror universe of Coral DeGraves aka Kid Dreadful

Photo credits: kid_dreadful

Coral have cosplayed over 60 horror characters with the help of her mom

Pinhead cosplay took Cheyenne (Carol’s mom) 20 hours in total until it was finished


The horror has been in her veins from her toddler days when 2-year-old Carol wished to dress up as the main villain from “Child’s Play”.


Corey Taylor (Slipknot) – “the second-highest vocal range of any known singer in popular music with a range of 5 and a half octaves.”

Little Crow

You know your knees would buckle if you walked upon this creature-feature


All blood and gore is 100% makeup

Carol’s acting is top-notch!


Not your regular unicorn girl

Please check out Coral’s aka (Kid Dreadful) Instagram to see hers 60+ cosplays of other iconic horror characters.

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