Couple Had No Pictures of Their Wedding Day, So They Had Photo Shoot 60 Years Later

One true love started in 1957 and still grows stronger with each passing day. The everlasting love between Rosary and the “Russian boy.” His grandfather made the yard the aunt made the cake, the godmother sewed the dress. The whole family gathered to celebrate the beginning of one of this beautiful love story. Now 60 years later they have 9 children, 16 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren to cherish. Looking back on the wedding day and knowing what happened after makes that such a special moment that was unfortunately never recorded by any camera. Thus, people from the Sao Paolo Fotografia gathered to offer this romantic couple a chance to recreate and capture on film those magical moments they’ve kept in their memories ever since. Here are the heartwarming results of one true love.

The wedding of lovebirds Rosary and the Russian boy happened in 1957.


But it was never captured on film and they had no photos to show.

Since then, these beautiful 2 became parents of 9 children.

They have 16 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren.


60 years later they’ve recreated and finally captured those beautiful emotions they’ve shared on that magical day.


Everlasting love of Rosary and the Russian boy

Still holding hands and their love’s still growing stronger with each passing day.


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