The Most Brilliant COVID-19-Themed Tattoos So Far

Inspiration and the meaning behind tattoos are always a question that floats in the air when you see an ink-piece on somebody. We’ve researched so many spiritual meanings of various flowers, animals, astronauts, mystic, surreal, and much more when it comes to tattoo designs. Today we need no explanation, although some future generations when they see an old person with a COVID-19-themed tattoo might be intrigued about its meaning. Unfortunately, we all know all too well the sacrifices the medical staffs all around the world endure to give the rest of us a chance of somewhat normal life during the pandemic. Loved ones of many have passed away due to this virus, and such heartbreaking emotions are the strongest motive and inspiration for any tattoo, or piece of art in any form. Besides being responsible human beings in this madness sometimes the only beautiful thing you can do is to give an ode to the heroes who have saved the lives of so many. Thank you endlessly to all doctors and nurses in the world.

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“A child who chooses the doctor among the heroes to play with!”

Source: emanuele.santaniello

“He wanted to surprise his wife with this tattoo that represents her for all the effort and sacrifice she has made and there is still to be done in this stage that we are all living.”

Source: blackpeony_tattoo

Don’t celebrate too early

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Earth United

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“Just a quick little jammer about how we all feel about 2020”

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“Let’s be responsible in this situation. Take care of yourself and let us take care of the most vulnerable.”

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Here we go again

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Gorgeous piece of art

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