Photographer Captures The Most Extraordinary Wedding: Covid Bride

Creative photographer Dawndra lives in Seattle, Washington and uses the great Pacific Northwest as her studio. She searches for answers to the question WHY in nature and every little detail like the wind in the trees and the pockets of light that spill on your face grabs her attention. “Nature, wind, woman, beauty, empowerment, art therapy, heart and soul are all places where inspiration are born. I find the beauty in the dark. Lost souls are heard, I see the beauty in the loneliness. Animals and nature are my universal powers.” she states on her website, also adding that; “I thrive with other artists, musicians, storytellers, small business creators, fashion projects with a twist. And with the water, wind, fire, and smoke. The woman underneath the gas mask had to postpone her wedding due to the current situation with Covid-19. She asked Dawndra to come over and safely take some photos in her bridal dress. Let’s hear the rest of the story from her; “I suggested that she buy this wonderful gas mask I found on Amazon. It also kept us safe during the shoot, and of course, we kept the safe distance. Using my 85 mm lens was a useful too if I ever I thought to step closer, it just won’t focus. When I opened these images, I was flooded with emotion, much more so than I expected.” Lisa Levan and her husband-to-be now has the most extraordinary wedding album, reflecting the tough days that we have been going through. It was also a unique experience for Dawndra who had the opportunity to express our feelings of isolation and loss, and to find the beauty within that. She has many other photoseries such as Tabitha, Rachel, Joshua Tree, Animal, Resurrection… each of which is worth seeing. Now grap your cup of tea or coffee and have a look at these incredible photos.