20 Crappiest Bathrooms Designs to Make You Laugh

Alone time on the toilet is a form of meditation to many of us. Being forced to take a number 2 at public places is always sketchy and infused with fear. How private is it or how clean is it? Well, these designs will bring to life every nightmare you ever had about taking a crap in a public bathroom and add some more fears on top. Yeah, enjoy, and so sorry. As a contrast to this story, you might like some smart home designs by creative and brilliant architects; if that’s the case, then we suggest you visit our home design section for more stories regarding that topic.

It seems men have a challenge in front of them here

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Classic nightmare, speak naked in front of the crowd or take a number 2


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Take a snack and take a crap while other kid eats his snack while waiting in line and watching you do all that. Amazing.

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Ladies let’s talk

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Wall paint or a courtosy of many many guests

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No ramp, just a giant step

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“Impatient Toddler Stalking Me Through The Bathroom Door”

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Again, color patern not working quite well

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For the peeps with narrow butts, you know…

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From time to time

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It’s your time to shine. What you do in here affects everyone in the restroom.

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Hotel Henri IV. Mosaic Art In The Bathroom

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