Cushions or French Bulldogs? Why Not Both?

French bulldogs and BFFs, Rocco and Vinnie are masters of disguise at their own risk. A dangerous game this duo plays, as their human family, needs to double-check every time if it’s ok to sit on the couch. It’s not unusual at all to be squished by a human when you’re sleeping behind the pillows, that is, if your Rocco or Vinnie. In most cases, if you find one of the two, the second rascal is near. Little chameleons were adopted by the Grantham family from Lincolnshire, a loving family of four plus one Labrador and three French bulldogs. Instantly after publishing photos of the incidental dog/sofa match, the ever-dog-loving internet fam has been working hard on sharing and liking this adorable phenomenon. “I don’t think they know they are camouflaged with the couch, however, but they spend a lot of time hiding behind the cushions and peeking out,” owners said. Rocco is known as a super calm and loving boy, also a very photogenic snuggle beast who is great with both animals and humans. Vinnie loves Rocco as well, but he enjoys his privacy a bit more as he practices his handsome smoldering look.

BFFs Rocco and Vinnie are the two highly trained special agents and the sleeping French Bulldogs that you “see” in these photos.

Photo credits: Splitpics UK, Tina Grantham

A loving family of four, the Granthams have welcomed Rocco and Vinnie into their home to reach a total of 4 dogs as well.

“The sofa being plush velvet in dark grey and silver tones, the pups blend perfectly and it’s sometimes difficult to spot them thinking they are cushions,” owners shared.

They sleep so peacefully not knowing they are always in danger of accidental butt to the face slam.


You just know that the family double-checks the couch each time before sitting.

via [boredpanda]