Cute and Fascinating – Bugs Can Even Be Amazing Pets

Bugs can often look like amazing art pieces due to their vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and odd forms. They can even be pets! Entomologists are experts in the branch of zoology concerned with insects and they discovered about 110,000 of the million different kinds of insects. Bugs specifically differentiate from other insects as they have wings crossed over the back in an X pattern, while other insects have wings in a straight line (like beetles). Bugs have a tube for mouthparts, so they don’t have a jaw used for chewing. In the photos below, you won’t see any form of digestion, via a tube or by chewing. All that is here are the most cutest and most fascinating-looking insects you’ll ever see.

Atlas Moth

Credit: Bunnystrawbery

Spicebush Swallowtail Caterpillar

Credit: crumbbelly
Credit: jesper1007
Credit: rachieface76
Credit: Catsknead

Spiny Leaf Bug (pet)

Credit: k_miner_5
Credit: Pardusco

The Orchid Mantis

Credit: Mail30silver

A Bumblebee’s Bum

Credit: wasintme

Elephant Hawk Moth

Credit: glennehull

Steel Blue Ladybug

Credit: ElectronicChimera

Dalmatian Moth

Credit: bjfj

‘Ladybug In Morning Dew’


Rainbow Stag Beetle

Credit: joruuhs
Credit: thepriceisrite
Credit: dosangst

Northern Blue Banded Bee

Credit: Kelly240361

Spiny Flower Mantis

Credit: 9999monkeys

Picasso Bug

Credit: qt-anxiety, via [boredpanda]