Cutout Dress Illustrations Painted by Beautiful Egypt Photographs by Muhammed Salah

Multitalented artist from Egypt’s capital city, Cairo, Muhammed Salah aims to prove that his beautiful country, ancient and magical to this day stays as one of the most intriguing and the most awe-inspiring places in the world. The marvelous way Salah embraces his art with his homeland creates a unique art form. The synthesis of illustrations, tourism, and fashion design forges the final result. An eye-catching fashionable cutout dresses made out of gorgeous photographs from all around Egypt. To make things even more interesting the world’s oldest dress was found in this sunny place. 5000 years ago, the first fashion house was right here in this magnificent land of deserts. To see more of Salah’s versatile art visit his Facebook page and MS Artwork of which his a proud founder/owner.

Salah’s creative way to showcase the beauty of his homeland – Egypt

He combines illustrations, tourism, and fashion design

The first dress ever was found in Egypt, 5000 years ago

Artist is a senior graphic designer at Digitree and Founder/Owner at MS Artwork

A Beautiful Mind

She could easily be a Disney character

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