Cyberpunk and Retrowave Themed Photography by Andrey Maximov

It’s almost impossible that you didn’t already notice our featured photographer since his art is all over social media these days. Andrey Maximov is a talented self-taught photographer and retoucher currently based in Moscow, Russia. Also, he’s the one behind the name street_invader. Inspired by the retrowave, cyberpunk, Japanese pop-culture and anime aesthetic, Maximov brought to us glorious vibrant street portraits, incredible photos of cosplay artists and more urban cityscapes with glowing neon lights. In his photographs, you can find plenty of popular movie references like John Wick, Blade Runner, Matrix and others. With the growing popularity of the new retrofuturism and cyberpunk style, he is an absolute internet sensation. And we are totally catching this hype train knowing that everyone is also talking about Cyberpunk 2077 – a story-driven, open world RPG of the dark future from CD PROJEKT RED, creators of The Witcher series of games. Scroll down to see our favorite picks and head over to Maximov’s Instagram Page for more of his jaw-dropping photographs.

Neon Thoughts

Neon Demon

RetroWave Girl

One serious John Wick cosplayer

Moody neon portraits – NEONESS


Neon Kitsune

Mood Color – Purple


Rachael from Blade Runner\Blade Runner 2049

Digital Dreams