“DANCERS & DOGS” – the Sweetest Photo-Book Ever!

You can tell immediately that this wholesome project “Dancers & Dogs” came from beautiful kind people full of love. A husband and wife, Kelly Pratt and Ian Kreidich are professional photographers from St. Louis who have previously worked with dancers from all around the country. At first, it was just a simple idea: “What if we took pictures of ballet dancers, with dogs?” It seemed a bit off since ballet photography is all about perfection and moody moments that restless dogs don’t really do quite well. Yet, right after the first photo-shoot with a Bulldog and 2 dancers, it all made so much more sense. It brought laughter and happiness to the creative married team. The next two and half years were the years of hard yet not so hard work. 100 dancers and 100 dogs have been photographed in over 10 cities across the country. Now you can pre-order the hardcover book of 216 pages full of brilliant photographs, and hilarious behind the scenes stories. Part of the profit will go to the Stray Rescue of St. Louise which is at its full capacity at the moment.

“DANCERS & DOGS shows the more light-hearted, human side of dancers. The soul of this book is not about perfection (an idea which can be very hard for ballet dancers!). It’s about being in the moment and experiencing joy. Because dogs don’t care if you have the highest arabesque or can do 32 perfect fouettes. They just love you as you are,” creators of the project Kelly Pratt & Ian Kreidich shared.

You can pre-order this hardcover book of 216 pages

Book is full of brilliant photographs and hilarious behind the scenes stories

My absolute favorite!

Who did it better?

A husband and wife, Kelly Pratt and Ian Kreidich are creators and photographers of ‘Dancers & Dogs’

On Instagram, you can watch a hilarious video of these two trying to pose for this photo


Will you go with me to prom?

Don’t try this at home

It feels so fairytale-like

The project was 2.5 years long

100 dogs and 100 dancers from 10 cities across the country were photographed

“Follow me…” Dramatically she said.

More info: Instagram, Facebook, dancersanddogs.com – via [boredpanda]