‘Dark Carnival’ – Clowns of Horror Haunt – by Tara Mapes

Halloween is coming your way so let us warm you up for a sweet red massacre of clowns clowning away. Blood is dripping, the weirdos are out of the house. An insane old clown keeps changing so much, his intentions are unpredictable, so hope you don’t cross his path. The world is changing and Tara Mapes did a fantastic job capturing just that in the haunted house full of crazies. “Dark Carnival” features “small spaces but incredibly detailed sets with vintage vibes.” The incredible headpieces were made by ‘The Mistress Couture’, the haunted house is the ‘Horror Haunt, located at 28051 Moore Lane, West Harrison, IN 47060. You got your info, now scream baby scream!

More info: Facebook, TikTok.

“I was waiting for you…”

Photo credits: Tara Mapes

“Sit down and have a drink with me, will you?”


“No, don’t worry.”

“Though, you should, a bit… worry I mean.”


“I’m having a bad day, today. Let’s go for a drive you and I.”

“It’s gonna be fun!”


via [boredpanda]