Dark Digital Art at Its Finest by Natacha

French-based artist Natacha aka Skip Closer as known on Instagram has a powerful mind vision and ability to manipulate any photograph. Visit her YouTube channel and see the tutorials of some of her best work. See for yourself how the pro does it, and learn her magnificent dark ways. She’s able to twist the world upside down, change the surface from solid ground to water and take you for an adventurous ride through her breathtaking dark digital art. Mood setting of these twisted and sometimes scary visuals immediately pulls you inside of her brilliant mind. Make sure to follow this must-see artist on her Instagram as she reaches close to 75 k followers, offering more than 190 insane photo manipulations.

By Natacha aka Skip Closer

She shares her tutorials on her YouTube Channel

You can watch a tutorial to see how was this exact picture made


In the eye of the beholder


Childhood wishes

For romantic souls


via [designyoutrust]