Couple Transforms Delivery Truck from eBay into Amazing House on Wheels

Welcome home darling, today we’re living in France, tomorrow, well we’ll see. A young couple, Martin and Iona, from Nottingham, UK, like many wished to buy a new home where they could live happily together. Both of them love traveling and their jobs require them being outdoors which after few beers made it pretty clear to Martin that something wicked this way comes. They started talking about buying a big American RV, maybe too much Breaking Bad binge-watching, nonetheless, the idea has sparked and conversation kept going even the day after. The couple went on eBay and found a bread delivery truck for a price of £3,600 (approximately $4,670). Not bad for a new house, right? As seen in the pictures below it needed some serious remodeling. Interior design was all Iona, physical work was all Martin and result was a fabulous new home on wheels! Stylish, practical and a home with the greatest ever-changing view of mountains, rivers, and most beautiful landscapes.

Meet Martin and Iona, a couple looking for a new home


Of course, they searched on eBay and bought a bread delivery truck

But it needed some remodeling

Martin did heavy lifting


Iona did interior design


They’ve paid for the truck around $4500


Now they have a house on wheels with a greatest view ever!

They both love traveling and their jobs require them to be outdoors


Funny enough, this brilliant idea sparked after few beers

They must be drinking Guinness, right? Right?!


The view

via [boredpanda]