Cosmos and Humans Embrace in Epic Digital Art by Simeon Dukov

Epic scale, fantasy photo manipulations by Bulgarian digital artist Simeon Dukov. “I’ve always been fascinated with art and everything that is appealing for the eyes. As a kid, I always had a really big imagination and I visualized some parallel worlds where everything was different. Now I am mixing reality with my imagination so I can create all these photo manipulations.” Dukov has showcased the brilliant skill and genius mind flourishing in creativity and blending the great cosmos with tiny human beings. Dukov is a member of where you can get photography lessons and Dukov offers his expertize for first 2 months completely free. If you like what you see make sure to follow this great modern artist on Instagram.

Digital art by Simeon Dukov


Photo manipulations were his childhood dream

‘The Traveller’


Epic sci-fi fantasy from a brilliant mind

The darkness will illuminate your way


High speed collision


Home sweet home

Just keep swimming


Buying food for this fish would be a nightmare

via [designyoutrust]