Surreal Animalistic Landscapes – Digital Art by Martijn Schrijver

Martijn Schrijver is a nature-inspired digital artist from Amsterdam, Netherlands. “I’m inspired by nature and I like to create various surreal and humorous photo manipulations, like incorporating animals into landscapes. I love to see nature photos and come up with surreal ideas and make it “real” with Photoshop,” Schrijver shares. You can get yourself lost in his magical new worlds, wishing those places really exist so you could see them with your own eyes. Often bright and sunny, all of Schrijver’s photo manipulations carry strong ambiental emotions almost bringing you the heat, smell and sense of touch of those digitally designed natural wonders such are the giant animal-like rocks and waterfalls. Martijn Schrijver also sells his surreal wall art prints on Etsy for a price of 63 USD with frequent sales, so get yourself great wall art for your home or your office from the man directly.

Artist is fully inspired by nature, animals, and life in his digital art

He aims to create humorously wonderful new worlds

Marvelous Kingfisher bird

“What the fluff? It’s a Pussy Willow Tree”

Martijn Schrijver is a 40-year-old digital artist from Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sometimes it’s all about giggles and having fun in life

All photo credits: Martijn Schrijver – via [boredpanda]