Surreal, Witty and Powerfull Digital Art by Ronald Ong

Ronald Ong is a jewel of an artist and a human being. We all appreciate and love when honest and kind people succeed in their profession well-deservingly using their remarkable skills. They often carry their work, in this case, a work of art with inspiring messages that aim to make the world a better and more humane place. Malaysian artist Ronald Ong creates images to tell his stories and his Instagram popularity keeps increasing rapidly due to his brilliant work. “Honestly I’m still so overwhelmed by the fact that everything that is happening seems so surreal to me ever since the beginning of my ‘journey’ on Instagram (I purposely make it sounds cliché) I really appreciate so many of you all that show me constant support through the comments and endless amount of nice messages (enough talking Ronald) and I wish I could TALK to you all or meet you guys and give you the biggest hug in person!! anyhow, more exciting updates are coming up soon,” artist recently wrote on his Instagram. Make sure to follow Roland Ong on Instagram and check out the prints his selling here.

By Malaysian artist Ronald Ong


A part of the Hybrid Series on artist’s Instagram

“You can’t leave footprints in the sand of time”


Inspired by sunny-side up

Childhood dried up and burned down just like that in 8 hours of work

“Treated like milk-producing machines, they never fulfill their basic desires. How can we change that?!”
Ps: I didn’t intend to make it looks like the cow is vomiting


“‘DEAR HUMANS, leave my skin alone.’ It’s definitely frustrating to see how animal skins are being manufactured into apparels as the demand of extravagant clothing material!”

Ocean dreamers?!

I hate it when it happens to me



via [theinspirationgrid]