Digital Illustrations of Shadowy Animals and Mysterious Desolate Places

Jenna Barton pays attention to memories of her childhood in Idaho, as well as looking to her current environment in Utah, to infuse her work. Her idea is to capture the strange emotions that she always felt in rural and empty places, and the daydreams she had there. Those liminal spaces are something Barton likes the most, and she’s interested in the structures that bring the human world into nature – radio towers, houses, power lines – especially in the absence of humans themselves. On the other side – big lurking cats and silhouetted dogs and deer stare blankly with white eyes and stoic postures against relatively simple backgrounds which give the illustrations a sense of mystery. Many of her subjects are mammals because they share traits with humans, “while at the same time existing in a very different world from them”. Visit Barton’s Tumblr to find out more about her and her art and inspiration, follow her Instagram Page and if you are interested in owning some prints, you can find it on Storenvy.

“There’s a shivering light in the street tonight, strange shadows on the lawn – a black horse running in the grass and vanishing at dawn.”


Grease and Smoke

“It’s the strangest summer you can remember – the pool shed is haunted, the nights stretch forever.”

“Strange omens gather at the end of the street…” – Another special thing about Jenna Barton’s art are these perfect captions she uses to describe her artwork.


“Two stags stood, like mourners, out among the weathered graves.”

“Strange, the way it felt like home – to wander through the dark, alone.”


Gone Cold



“No path can lead you there or back. You need to go alone.”

“Something in the wind has changed – it calls you by a different name.”



Deep Forest Saint

“It spoke your name on the stairs that night.”

“A call rang out in distant mountains, beckoning from far away.”

via [thisiscolossal]