Digitally Printed Natural Motifs Adorn Mesmerizing Blunt Bob Blondes

Today we’re covering “La Favorite”, the brilliant series by Barcelona-based stylist Alexis Ferrer, photographed by Rafael Andreu, featuring models Camila Ferreyro, Patrizia Lombardo, and Emma Fuhrmann. Flowers, butterflies, and birds, everything light, sweet, natural, it all comes together digitally printed over the blunt bobs with Marcel waves of mesmerizing models. Colorful patterns adorn the blondes in a way it was never seen before through the digital process that took years to develop. “I must admit that the first impressions on the hair were a challenge. It took two months to get good results with high definition… Mixing technology with our knowledge of crafts has allowed us to recreate those wonderful patterns on the hair,” Ferrer spoke (interview).

More info: Instagram.

Photo credits: Alexis Ferrer (photographed by: Rafael Andreu)

“La Favorite”, series by Alexis Ferrer

Floral motifs digitally printed onto hair, using technology that took years to develop!

Merging Baroque-style motifs with the latest technology, adorn blunt bob blondes with peonies, butterflies, and birds.


Check out the artist’s Instagram for more behind-the-scenes photos and the stories behind the printing process.

via [thisiscolossal]