Discovering New Places and Wildest Landscapes of Scotland with David Aguilar

David Aguilar is a biology student at Universidad de Sevilla, Spain, who fell in love with two very healthy addictions, as he likes to say, and he talks about traveling and photography. He always does this with a backpack, a tent, and his camera to explore and learn from the unknown, to value much more what we have and to feel a little more free of society. And always in the wildest places of our awesome Planet Earth. This time his taking us to Scotland. Outstanding long exposure landscapes and untamed nature, so inspiring and perfect as you can see in our gallery. Be sure to visit Aguilar’s website and enjoy more of his traveling destinations and of course, follow his Instagram Page.

“The Guardian of the Pinnacle” – Amazing morning in the most photographed place of the Isle of Skye.


The Old Man of Storr

A classic from Scotland: the impressive Neist Point Lighthouse

Castle Stalker is a four-storey tower house or keep picturesquely set on a tidal islet on Loch Laich, an inlet off Loch Linnhe.


“This is one of those places where magic and mystery are constantly showing up.”

“Ambar Dream”

“As a future biologist, I consider myself a truly nature lover and its conservation.”

Taken on the way to Skye Island.


Scottish Highlands

“Always inspired by mother nature and by the work of many pro landscape photographers like Chris Burkard or the talented Daniel Kordan, I couldn’t stop searching the combination of light and composition.” – David Aguilar

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