Disney Collabs with Japanese Wedding Company to Make Gorgeous Princess Wedding Dresses

Have you ever wanted your wedding to be magical fairytale-like? Now it’s possible. You can look like one of your favorite Disney princesses in your special Disney wedding dress. Kuraudia Co. is a Japanese wedding dress company and it has partnered with Disney to create a collection of incredible bridal gowns. The company decided to make only 14 dresses of 6 princesses (Belle, Ariel, Snow White, Rapunzel, Aurora, and Cinderella). Designs will be available for rent starting in November with a price around $3600 each. You’ll have an option to get a matching Prince Charming tux for an additional $900. Unfortunately, it’s confirmed that the collection will only be available in Japan. There are many reasons to visit astonishing and unique Land of the Rising Sun, but now you have one more big reason. Imagine having your fairytale wedding in Japan and spending your honeymoon there too.



Snow White





via [boredpanda]