How Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Lived In 2017

Hollywood gave us in recent years a few reimagined modern versions of Disney princesses that we’ve loved so much in our childhood. Heroes and heroines, princes and princesses on whose mistakes we’ve learned and shaped as persons we’re today. Now a new fresh wave of modern princesses is here in these amazing illustrations by Chilean digital artists Fernanda Suarez. Belle still has her books and rose, and she’s looking hip. Every Disney princess looks incredibly beautiful in its fashionable modern clothes and seems like if they really lived in this era they would have been Instagram icons for sure.

Snow White – she’s gonna bite that 100%


Belle – still rocking her books and rose

Ariel – looking stunning

Jasmine – and her tiger

Mulan – just being badass

Pocahontas – Beautiful as always

Cinderella – looking a lot meaner

via [boredpanda]