10 Best DIY Halloween Lantern Projects

Decorating your house for Halloween is the most entertaining time of the year. Scary and whimsical wreaths, lanterns, candles, party supplies and many other items are the musts to add spook factor to your house for this festive holiday. Whether you want to create a haunted house ambiance or just have an elevated place to welcome your guests, you need some portable lightings both for indoor and outdoor decoration. Spooky lanterns are the perfect decorations for your mantel, table or on your front porch for welcoming Trick or Treaters. There are many projects available that you can easily carry out with your kids and get your Halloween lighting in a cheap way while having fun with your family. Check out the homemade lightings we selected for you below and let your guests glow at the sight of these crafty lanterns and luminarias this Halloween!

Vellum Tea Light Candleholder Wraps

Source: marthastewart

Repurposed Jack-o’-Lantern

Source: houseofhawthornes

Spiderweb Mason Jar Lantern

Source: N/A

Pottery Barn-Inspired Luminaries

Source: notjustdecorating

Spider Lanterns

Source: thesweetestoccasion

Paper Lantern Skulls

Source: minted

Mod Podge Halloween Lanterns

Source: erinspain

Halloween Tin Can Luminarias

Source: bhg

Milk Container Lantern

Source: criandocomapego