Dogspotting Society and Their Weird/Hilarious Dog Pooping Photo Collection

Dogspotting Society is a Facebook group where Mr. Will Formico (a Facebook user) asked a quite odd question or did he? “Anyone else got a dog that takes dukeys in weird positions?” His photo collection followed, so that Dogspotting Society knew exactly what he was talking about and hopefully share their embarrassing dog photos as well. Dog logic seems to be there as 2,500 comments took place and many joined in the fun posting their weird dog poses. The hilarious story just grew wings and became an internet sensation that will go down in history forever. Visit Dogspotting Society and its sister group, Dogspotting (a fun game where you spot UNKNOWN dogs out in the real world for points and prizes!).

When one man asks a question like this…

Photo credits: Will Formico

And posts photos of his dog pooping to be clear what he meant…

Photo credits: Will Formico
Photo credits: Will Formico

People started sharing their embarrassing dog photos

Photo credits: Angelica Richter
Photo credits: Nicole Marie
Photo credits: Rachel Shetler
Photo credits: Myranda Roberson
Photo credits: Izzy Chetwynd
Photo credits: Alexandra Barker
Photo credits: Andy Hess
Photo credits: Jasmin Elli
Photo credits: Jordanna Bond
Photo credits: Monica Magoon
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