Comical Dogs’ Array of Expressions and Emotions in Portraits by Elke Vogelsang

The Instagram of dog photographer Elke Vogelsang is the most exciting place for 142k dog lovers who follow her work with a big smile on their faces. German photographer captures hilarious portraits and matches the magnificence of her camera work with the most brilliant photo titles to add an extra chuckle. Back in 2009, Vogelsang started her first project with her 3 rescue dogs. It was the most difficult time of her life with her husband in a coma due to a ruptured aneurysm. “I decided to start the project, despite my husband being in the hospital, or rather because of it, as I wanted to try to keep up a bit of normality and have something like a visual diary for my husband of that time,” the photographer told Colossal in an interview. These days her work progressed to a much larger scale, taking a series of photos that include any dog in the world including strays from Morocco and Spain. Her trip turned out to be much more challenging since street dogs don’t know any commands. “With every dog, I learn a new trick. The energetic terrier might need action to really enjoy the session, while the sensitive sighthound might prefer a very calm environment and some super treats. The key is patience, trust, repetition and lots and lots of bribery.”

“The Dog Side of the Force” by Elke Vogelsang

All photo credits: Elke Vogelsang

I’m a really good boy cuz making my police sketch is just too easy


Lizard-people trying to read my mind


Just let my epicness to sink in

Luke Dogwalker

Getting ready for a box match


I’m pretty wise if you can’t tell

Charming winker


Sinking blanket fun

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