Christmas Mini Shoots – Funky Dog Portraits by Emma O’Brien

It’s finally that time of the year when all of the ribbons and bows are prepared and sparkles and glitter in the air. Merry Christmas everyone! One of our favorite dog and family photographer’s made a special set for this occasion. Emma O’Brien opened her studio on 10th and 17th November for Christmas Mini Shoots. We already know Emma as a “Black Series” creator and how she helps misunderstood dogs and cats of black hair to find happiness through adoption. This time she got tinsel, headbands, snow and confetti overlays for bright and funny pictures! Also, she made a four-legged parody of the popular Chrismas ditty and her little models have the main roles in it, of course. You will enjoy, we promise, cause these jolly dog portraits are real Christmas treat! Visit Emma O’Brien’s website to read The 12 Dogs of Chrismas and be sure to follow her on Instagram for more festive shots!

“On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a great big burst of Boston, a senior dog a peeping, a rescue pooch a licking, a giant dog a panting, a scruffy pup a smiling, a white dog a sleighing, a pup that loves playing, a tinsel wrapped chi-chi, a Grinch that’s absurd, Santa’s elfin friend, a very naughty mutt and a Bulldog with a green tree.”


“Ed is always up to no good, so this little Christmas head band is a winner for him,” – wrote Emma on her Instagram post about this one.

“Baxter wasn’t very pleased about being wrapped up like a Christmas gift and forced to wear gold antlers, however when I told him he’d be famous as a result he reluctantly agreed.”

“Jonny actually wasn’t invited to this photo shoot, he’s in charge of navigating the car so simply joined his doggy siblings (who were booked for photos) for the ride. He wasn’t invited because I’ve photographed him already (he’s in The BLACK SERIES) but he kept jumping into the shots so I told him if he wanted to be involved that badly, he had to wear tinsel. He sat for this shot, muttered something about being made a fool of and then buzzed off.”


“Juno was as happy as she looks about being dressed like a demented elf, I lured her into the studio under the pretense of getting a biscuit and instead she got dressed up and made to look like Jack Sparrow the Christmas Edition.”

“Victoria thought she was auditioning for a part in Fame when I crammed her into this Santa suit, she was very disappointed to learn the truth. She’s written a letter of complaint to Santa and promised not to get in his way and trip him up when he leaves her gifts under the tree (unlike last year).”

“If you’ve made a list, he’s checking it twice. He’s a grumpy elf so chances are, unless you slipped some money into the envelope with your list, you’re getting coal. He assumes most people are naughty, not nice.”

“Nola will be exacting her revenge with a pee under said green tree.”


Tinsel wrapped chi-chi

“This is rescue pup Lily, who was the sweetest little poppet to photograph. I’ve got an enormous soft spot for brown dogs, they often don’t look like much of anything (not my personal opinion, I think they’re delightful), yet their personalities are sparkling. The most underrated of shelter pups. Lily was a charming bundle of fun. Santa will definitely be visiting her this year.”

“Despite how the photo looks, this is an actual dog, not an albino seal. There are ears in here somewhere, but like most dog ears (in my experience) they are purely decorative.”

“This is Barnaby who ate through A LOT of snacks during his shoot and pretended to not really enjoy himself. The next day he repeatedly photobombed someone else’s photo shoot at the park. Clearly he’s thinking about a new career move. So glad I inspired you, Mr B.”


“Paddy isn’t actually panting here, he was mid-sentence asking for another biscuit.”

A rescue pooch a licking

“Benji loves bling, he arrived like this.”