Proof That Every Dog Has Its Own Human-Like Personality

Dog owners know this for the fact that their dog is not just another dog but the very special canine friend with its own unique personality. For that reason, Alexander Khokhlov decided together with his wife Veronica Ershova to create a proof that dogs are more than just obedient animals which can just sit quietly, lie and bark on command. “In our project ‘The Dog Show,’ we reveal the human-like traits of different breeds of dogs. Some dogs are somber, others mischievous, haughty, laughing, sad, angry, indifferent,” says Khokhlov about their work. ‘The Dog Show’ actually brought home silver Award of the Prix De La Photographie Paris contest. Check out these curious doggies and just maybe you’ll recognize yourself or your friends in one of their adorable looks.


Looks like Shane from The Walking Dead

He’s a guy who farts silently and sinisterly laughs


Reminds me of my concrned grandma

He’s that guy who is never amused

The one who is jsut too happy and enthusiastic all the time


Absolute Diva

She’s a vamp and she knows it

He barely made it to the toilet


You know he’s a proffesor at the dog university

via [boredpanda]