Dogs Resembling Looks of Their Owners – Portraits by Gerrard Gethings

Today Gerrard Gethings is one of the greatest animal portraitists but it was the year of 2008 when the spark was born. Photographer brought home a seven-week-old border terrier puppy and it wasn’t long he realized he had found his favorite photographic subjects. Gerrard was born in 1970, Wigan, and he was always fascinated by birds, insects, and animals. On Gethings’ official site artist shared few of his thoughts. “Taking pictures of animals is tricky in almost every way. I have never met one with even the slightest interest in photography. For me, a domestic pet is no less beautiful or majestic than a wild animal. Familiarity often makes us forget this.” To make things even funnier these hilarious portraits of owners and their matching dogs is now a memory board game. It was released by the name “Do You Look Like Your Dog” on the 10th of September, and it features all 25 pairs. To see more of Gerrard Gethings’ animal photogrpahy follow him on Instagram.

Charlotte and Caspar – Chinese Crested


Jessica and Buddy – Bishon Frise

Elle and Yasmin Le Bon – Puli

Sergei and Spike – Siberian Husky

Benji and Harper – Schnoodle

Monica and Reggie – Chow Chow

Henry and Hope – Afghan Hound

Cenk and Horst – Schnauzer

Harry and Hattie – Italian Spinone

François and Antoine – French Bulldog
via [boredpanda]