Dogs Cursing the Day They’ve Met Their Younger Sibling

I, as a younger brother, know exactly what kind of little pests we are to our older siblings. Fighting for attention, copying everything cool they do, ruining everything they enjoy (mostly unintentionally, but very efficiently), the list is endless. It turns out the dogs have the same problems. When you bring a second dog into your home, the first one will have potential troubles with its personality, territory, and owner’s love and attention. The faces you see below are so painfully relatable to us. These are exactly the feelings and the faces humans make. Bored Panda reached the head of animal behavior at Blue Cross, asking Ryan Neile to explain the situation. “Puppies may compete with each other for anything they consider to be important so try and make sure the needs of all dogs in the household are all treated equally. If you have an older dog and are getting a new puppy, it is important to make sure your existing dog isn’t getting tired out or bothered by a super active young puppy. The excitement and high stimulation can sometimes turn when one dog gets fed up.”

He Loves His New Sister

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When You Just Woke Up And She Wants To Play

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It’s A Sibling Thing

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“He’s A Little A***e” – Walter On Max

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“It’s Happening Again, Isn’t It?” – Walter

My Dog Not As Amused With The New Puppy As We Are

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Annoying Little Brother

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My Sister Sent Me A Photo Of Her Dog And New Puppy. Man, That Face

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The Face You Make When Your Mom Makes You Bring Your Little Brother With You

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Who Else Ruined Their Older Dog’s Life By Getting Them A Younger Sibling?

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Watson Thought If He Just Didn’t Look At The Problem It Would Go Away

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Like Please Take That Thing Back

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If I Stay Still Maybe The Pup Will Go Away

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It Was At This Moment Hank Regretted Asking For A Little Brother

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I Heard My Older Lab Crying And Came Out To Find His Little Brother Blocking The Stairs

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Sibling Rivalry

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How Your Dog Feels When You Bring Home A “Cute” New Puppy

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There Are Two Dogs In This Picture

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My Boyfriend’s Dog’s Reaction To The New Puppy

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Our New Dog Pepper! Sarge Is A Little Confused Though

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