Dot Illustrations of Nature Eases the Anxiety of This Amazing Artist

You’ll need to stop for a second and appreciate the detail, ideas, creative mind and brilliant composing vision of super talented Josefine Svärd. Swedish illustrator’s stippling art inspired by the beauty of nature thrives the more you look at it. Unraveling its secrets upon you as you gaze into the seemingly simple illustrations, which are everything but. Dot-by-dot meticulously rendered in black ink with rivers spilling out of the drawn frame. Some sceneries come directly from the artist’s mind and some are well recognizable. Lord of the Rings had a great impact on Josefine art. She had recreated fantasy lands of Rivendell, the Shire, the Argonath and The Two Towers. Harry Potter fans have also something to cheer about since Josefine has illustrated Hogwarts Express and the wizarding houses—Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor. Struggling with anxiety artist overcomes her problems by focusing on her art, and her hard work seems to be paying off. More than 75k of followers on Instagram are the proof of that. “I am forever grateful, and so thankful for the amazing support I get from you every day,” artist shares. If you wish to see Lotr and HP illustrations you’ll need to visit artist’s Instagram.

Struggling with Anxiety – artist Josefine Svärd fights back with illustrations

Millions of tiny dots makesher calm and ease her anxiety

Inspired by beauty of nautre, and often by Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter

Artist is extremly grateful for all of the support on Instagram


via [mymodernmet]