Drama Horse Plays Dead to Avoid People Riding Him

“Stop horsing around Jingang!” They say it all the time at the ranch when this horse drops dead. And he does it frequently. A drama queen too lazy to go for a ride seems to be getting away with his shenanigans as people still award him carrots even though he does nothing they want from him. Jingang is a horse with a personality and superb acting skills. He hates his chores and each day to him feels like Monday. Relatable? More than 650k people would agree as that’s the number of shares Jingang has on his funny compilation video on Facebook. The video was posted by Frasisco Zalasar and he believes the horse is cute but naughty. Most of the people think Jingang has a hilarious personality, while few are concerned if it is something psychological. What do you think? The most important thing is that Jingang is loved and taken care of each day no matter how lazy he feels.

Meet Jingang

I’ve heard this horse plays dead when people try to ride him

Yup. Oscars 2020 all mine

Jingang would act like a cat only to avoid his ‘chores’

“Oops I did it again, I played with your heart, got lost in the game”

“I’m not that innocent”

All photo credits: Frasisco Zalasar – via [boredpanda]