Drawfee’s ‘Criminal Sketch Artist Challenge’ – Celebrity Illustrations Based Only on Oral Description

Drawfee is the famous YouTube channel firstly formed by two illustrators who combine art with comedy. As the crew got bigger the ideas for the channel grew as well. Nathan, Jacob, and Julia have been a part of a new concept they call “criminal sketch artist challenge.” The artistic trio does its best to illustrate a famous person by only listening to each other’s description. One of the three illustrators picks the celebrity of their choice and then tells it to the next person who’ll describe John Doe to the third person. It ended up being extremely hard, a true struggle with plenty of comedy that follows. The channel labels themselves as ‘interactive comedy drawing experience where viewers can watch their dumb ideas become even dumber drawings before their very eyes.’ This latest idea has blown up viral and it seems that people have chosen Julia as the best at describing facial features and Nathan the worst which is just another way of poking fun that makes Drawfee such a lovable series.

Let’s play a game – Can you guess who are these famous people?


This is the brilliant idea by Drawfee – YouTube channel that combines art and humor

One crew member chooses a famous person and passes it to the second member who later desribes facial features to the thrid person who illustrates the ‘unknown’ celebrity

Results are both fascinating and hilarious


Let’s go for a second round – Can you guess these celebrities?

Michelle Rodriguez

Ariana Grande

Angela Lansbury

via [artfido]