Drawing Challenge – Self-Portrait in 30 Different Cartoon Styles

Hannah Dunn aka Jai is a 20-year-old artistic jewel who is not afraid to challenge herself and sail into the unknown waters. This time, Jai, the student of the university in NSW, Australia, saw another artist complete a similar series of illustrations and she embraced that idea and created her own unique series of illustrations. Jai used most popular animated TV-shows as a stylistic base and surprised even herself with the final outcome. “I found it extremely fun and exhausting but am thrilled with the end result. I think my favourites/most fun are the ‘American Dad’ and ‘The Simpsons’ styles,” says Jai. “I highly recommend other artists to attempt this challenge.” If you want to see more of Jai’s work, check out her Instagram and her amazing official page full of her previous projects for clients, illustrations, logo designs, personal projects, and even her clothing line.

By: Hannah Dunn aka Jai

Summer Smith vibes

One of Jai’s favorite and most fun to draw was American Dad style

Jai blends perfecty in Burton’s dark world

Marceline style

The Simpsons are also her favorite to recreate

“I highly recommend other artists to attempt this challenge.”

Looking fast!

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