Dreams Are Made Out of Acrylic Paint Impasto by Anastasia Trusova

From rural landscapes, narrow rivers, wide oceans, feathery ducks, and stunning rays of sun between the cloud breaks, the idyllic impasto paintings are what Anastasia Trusova is known for. As Trusova calls it, the “textured graphic impressionism,” evokes emotions through detail and volume. The tools used for such magnificent art can be seen on her Instagram in her time-lapse videos where you can see her every move of magic. The sense for color palettes, combinations, and the knowledge of color perception based on context, Anastasia had learned at Moscow Artscool and Moscow State Textile University. Still, her technique may be taught through the studies, as well as her knowledge, but her painting approach completely disregards the rules, as she paints the way she feels. “I add volume to highlight and emphasize something or to show something that is closer.” Adding layers upon layers of heavy impasto, using a combination of palette knives and brushes, acrylic paint turns quickly into a splendid landscape from the dreamland that is the beautiful mind of Anastasia Trusova.
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Anastasia uses the impasto technique to paint the magic that is before you.

Photo credits: Anastasia Trusova

The tools of the impasto master


Feathery ducks on their winter stroll

Happy times

“It’s a collage. 3 paintings that I painted based on my own painting. I do not paint copies.”


Certain details are achieved using the comb

Sublime color transitions behind the dark tree branches


Autumn looks so beautiful in Anastasia’s paintings. Incredible!

Via [thisiscolossal]