Dreamy and Pastel or Vibrant and Lively – 30 Wonderful Mermaid Hairstyles

A new season has come and all of us long for a significant change. Spring is here, you want to rock some new look – let’s start with the hair. You already know about Mermaid’s hair, it got quite popular in the past few years and evolved in so many fabulous colors, styles, and shapes. Gorgeous colors, so cool and eye-catching, it’s the main reason why they are so popular and why you’ll fall in love with them too. Vibrant or pastel, all you need to do is pick contrasting shades and you will steal the spotlight wherever you go. The best shades are the ones that go next to each other on the color chart. There are a general belief and recommendations that you should take your first treatment at the salon with an expert stylist since this delicate project has few phases like bleaching and coloring. Also, you can find a lot of YouTube tutorials about this kind of hair dying and maintaining, so it’s not bad to pick up few more advice and be prepared, cause these styles can be high-maintenance because of fading, so make sure you are committed to the look before you get started. Once you picked your color or colors, it’s time to choose a perfect hairstyle for yourself. There are so many different ways to do the Mermaid hairstyles, it all depends on personal style, beautiful waves, braids, straight vibrant hair, just imagine and make a decision. Options are countless and we picked some of the most attractive for you, but be sure they are all pretty exciting.

All the colors in the rainbow.


Blues and purples together in the softest shades.

What a breathtaking shades!

Pale Purple


People are going to need the sunglasses to see beyond this color.

It’s kind of the feeling you get when you watch the sunset.

If you are into the pastels then this is the look for you. Stunning!

Now, this color stands out. If you are looking to make an impression then you need this color in your life.


Greens and blues mixed together.

You can still keep some of your natural look.

Kaleidoscope of Colors

Draw the eye with these badass shades.


How can you not braid your hair when this is the result?

Be a true mermaid with this sea-foam green color.

Mesmerizing Shades

Green Madness


These soft pastels look so great together.

From one shade of green to the other, this is one fantastic color.

So many shades of purple to make you feel just a little bit dreamy.

We just love how well the blonde goes with these colors.


Cosmo Colors

These shades totally look like the sun setting.

Colorful Designs

Shimmering Shades


If your favorite color is blue then you are sure to love this style.

The soft shades here are illuminating.

Gray shade with some pretty amazing neon green elements.

Pink will always make you feel like a princess at heart.


This gray color looks amazing with a soft blue.

From dark blue to yellow – real fusion.